Health Insurance

Visiting a doctor in germany or other European countries can be quite expensive. Particularly if you need to see him more often or if you need a special medical care. Eventually you may end up paying much more than you would pay for a proper health insurance, witch often does not cost much money.

Care Concept AG offers a Health Insurance starting from 1,03 € a day for foreign guests and visitors inside the EU. If you are a college student participating in ERASMUS or other exchange programs or if you doing an internship or work as an au-pair you can get a health insurance for as low as 26€ a month.



An average citizen in germany easily pays 10 times that much a month for his health insurance, witch is a mandatory in germany with a long history. The first ones where introduced in 1883 by the national government under Otto von Bismarck to keep the working class pleased.







What do these two guys have in common?

To see all the benefits of a health insurance visit the website of Care Concept and choose your appropriate product.

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